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"James has helped me tremendously with nutrition and different forms of workout routines he has also been a great sparring partner with my Muay Thai training."
Jamie, Richmond

"I don't like going to the gym and with my Muay Thai training I can be outside it's great fun and a good workout, with Magic FM blaring out!"
Naomi (age 54), Richmond

"Pain is just weakness leaving the body"... it's not actually, but that aside James is a fantastic personal trainer. My core strength has improved no end since starting sessions a year ago and the nutrition plan has really helped me feel healthier. Most of all, I just wouldn't do it if someone wasn't there to give me a varied set of exercises and semi-factual motivational speeches. I cannot recommend him highly enough!"
Simon, Parsons Green

"I really enjoy the varied, hardcore workouts that James delivers, especially the boxing & kickboxing! He is always highly motivational, personable, fun and energised and gets you working to your maximum potential. In addition, he is extremely knowledgeable on the nutritional side and always has great dietary tips and suggestions."
Gesa, Fulham

"I have suffered from irritating back pain for the past three years and despite going to numerous back specialists the problem persisted. Having worked with James over the past year, trying various exercises and stretches, he identified exactly the critical point and through exercise, stretching and massage was able to loosen a tight hip and TFL (tensor fascia lata) and piriformis muscles resulting in a huge reduction in the stiffness and pain in my back. I am now at the point where it is normal again. Hurrah James!"
Colette Flanagan

"I am a long term client of James who has been providing me with a combined regime of exercise and massage/stretching (he has been extraordinarily innovative and successful in providing a solution to a sciatic nerve problem. As a 60 year old who would normally find any excuse not to exercise, I find James' lessons a lot of fun, particularly the boxing – he is tolerant on those days when one has perhaps "overdone it" the night before but does a hard workout when one is up for it. He is a real pleasure to be with and an excellent trainer."
Roland Fox

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