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James Taylor-Medhurst
James Taylor-Medhurst
Principal Trainer | Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist | Kinesio Tape specialist | Company Director
Over the years I have competed in many different sports including Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Rugby, Athletics, and Triathlons. I have always placed respectively in these events with no sports related injuries, I truly believe the success I have achieved is down to three main factors; Exercise, Nutrition and Body Maintenance.

Exercise and Nutrition
Years of preparing for sporting events accompanied by my level 3 qualification in personal training has enabled me to develop effective training techniques and exercises to improve my client's physical and mental agility. I offer tailored fitness and nutrition to all clients looking to better themselves. I do not believe in short term weight loss regimes only a balanced nutrient rich diet that will deliver sustainable results to help you reach your fitness goals. Day-to-day I deal with a wide variety of interesting people with very different goals ranging from strength training, increased muscle mass, toning, fat loss and flexibility or even just to release tension built up from their busy lifestyles.

Body Maintenance
As a level 5 qualified Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist I have a deep understanding of how the body works and what is needed to keep it functioning correctly. I treat a lot of injuries that I believe could be easily avoided through understanding and maintaining a basic level of flexibility. With a number of different techniques I can help you develop a better range of motion and decrease the chance of injury and re-injury.
Victoria Finden
Victoria Finden
Personal Trainer | Yoga & Meditation specialist
I believe that it is vital to guide and teach my clients to channel the pressure of their busy lifestyles and use it as the key to succeed in their health and fitness journey. My Level 3 qualification as both a Yoga Instructor and Personal Trainer enables me to tailor programmes for your individual goals; be it enhancing strength, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, postural improvement, toning or stress management. I take great pleasure in combining my two areas of expertise to create progressive workout routines that have amazing results.

I can offer you
  • Nutrition advice and planning
  • Group/Private Personal Training
  • Yoga, meditation and relaxation techniques
  • Motivational guidance
  • A professional and focused attitude
  • Realistic and empathetic approach
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