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Eating healthly need not be boring!

Click here to see a range of tasty recipes availble for download as a PDF.

Tips & Facts

• Cauliflower rice is a great low carb rice alternative. Just grate floret side down with the larger side of a cheese grater and heat through in a pan or microwave for 1-2mins.

• Quinoa Vs Rice; Quinoa is lower in carbs, packed with fibre and is also a complete protein. This means that is contains all nine essential amino acids which is great news for vegans and vegetarians. With a nutrient profile similar to meat it will help with tissue growth and repair.

• Spicing and wrapping chicken breasts in foil before baking is a great way to keep in the succulent juices and flavours.

• Chilli peppers are thermo-genic so generate heat. This pumps up the metabolism and its ability to burn fat.

• Frying off mincemeat and draining the fat before adding other ingredients is a much healthier way of eating this high protein food.

• M.A.S.H. Everyone loves a bit of mash, but it doesn't have to be all bad news when it comes to counting carbs. Celeriac is great to mash and is low in calories. Packed with anti-oxidants and vitamin K which promotes crucial bone health. Celeriac also contains anti-cancer compounds that offer protection against colon cancer.

• Butterfly king prawns by slicing down their back; this cleans them properly and allows them to open up when cooking to take on more flavour.

• Dried herbs and spices offer a number of benefits to the body from reducing inflammation, helping to regulating blood sugar and stimulating immune function by flushing out toxins.

These have little to no calories in but add a real zing of flavour instead of dressing:

• Gherkins
• Olives
• Picked onions
• Lime juice
• Balsamic vinegar
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