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Massage can be of considerable benefit to the entire body. In the first instance it helps relieve physical and mental stress and tension. This in turn allows improved rehabilitation after injury. It can also help trace injuries in the making.

Back pain and Adhesions can be resolved through friction and deep tissue massage.

Flexibility and range of movement will greatly improve by working and lengthening the muscles, this allows for more advanced training sessions and less chance of injury.

Post training massage can relieve aching and tired muscles. DOMS or Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness is eased using a variety of techniques.

Venous return will greatly improve through massage; Increased circulation enables lymphatic drainage and the removal of other harmful toxins.

Joints and ligaments can be targeted for improved function and mobility.

Chronic problems including sciatic spasms, cramps and constipation can be eased.
Scar tissue can be reduced and adhesions broken down.

Post-surgery swelling can be reduced.

Postural Analysis

Postural analysis is an integral part of Sports & Remedial Massage. It can tell us a number of things about how and why you stand, sit, run or walk a certain way.

By identifying tight and weak muscles we can help correct body alignment and positioning. Our eye line, like a natural spirit level, always wants to gaze straight ahead.

An imbalance through injury or overuse in a number of muscles can alter our body positioning throwing us out of kilter.

The head will tilt to accommodate the problem but not solve it and as a result our posture is negatively affected.

Massage and Muscle Energy Techniques (MET) combined with sports specific exercises will target problem areas, easing and strengthening the associated muscles to bring the body back into alignment.
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